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Davey Pumps DV15 & DV40

These pumps are designed for transferring effluent from the tanks to leach drains or cell irrigation area of your wastewater system.  

They are required when your on-site wastewater system is unable to be gravity fed, they will effectively transfer your effluent safely to the land application area.

sepron™ HIGH LEVEL Alarm

The sepron™ high level alarm is used to alert you of a failing submersible pump. This allows the homeowner to take necessary action to prevent back up of wastewater.

When the float is attached to the alarm, it is raised by the water level and the light and siren activate on the alarm box.

Manufactured for installation outside of the dwelling (or inside if preferred). Ideal for residential or commercial systems that have a sump pump

For more information on the sepron™ High Level Alarm please download the specification sheet.

Sepron High Level Alarms Operating & Installation Instructions.pdf


A float switch is a device used to detect the level of liquid within a tank. The switch is used in conjunction with the sepron™ High Level Alarm and pump. 

For more information on the Float, please download our specification sheet. 

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Float Set-Up.pdf